When Donald Kerry Frey decided to establish the news site Nova Tribune (novatribune.org), he was motivated primarily by the fact that he noticed a great need for better fairness and balance in the news business. It seemed to Donald that far too many news sites presented information in a way that favored one argument or another, which meant that not all points of view were represented. Therefore, he saw a necessity to create a news site that presented the news with an approach that addressed all issues with an even hand.

Under Donald Kerry Frey’s leadership, Nova Tribune strives to provide an alternative to news consumers who want all sides of issues in many different fields and interests. Nova Tribune approaches all issues with an even hand, treating all sides of every argument as if they all matter. The news site seeks to fill a need; to provide an alternative to news consumers. Donald’s impressive record as a tech entrepreneur indicates that he will make a great success of Nova Tribune, as well as its sister site, Frey Robotics.