It could be Donald Kerry Frey’s significant background as a tech entrepreneur that gives him the knowledge and the wisdom to make a success of Frey Robotics ( The tech news website was created to be a very independent and yet very dependable source of information about technology because Donald Kerry Frey has always believed in his soul that better information consumption is the key to moving society forward.

Frey Robotics reflects Donald Kerry Frey’s strong belief that informing people accurately and fairly about the current state of technology will go a long way toward moving any society forward. That is what Frey Robotics is about; he wants people to understand tech in a way that makes them less fearful of the future. Hopefully, he will do that far into the future. Presenting readers with all the data they can use will not only bring about a better understanding of how technology works, but it could also very well trigger an innovation or two that changes everything for the better.